Statement by MLA John Yap on recent comments from the NDP’s Nathan Cullen

Statement by MLA John Yap on recent comments from the NDP’s Nathan Cullen


October 28, 2016

The NDP’s unprovoked attack on Yuen Pau Woo because of his Chinese heritage has no place in today’s British Columbia.

“It’s disgusting to see the NDP label and judge someone based on their ethnicity,” says Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap. “Mr. Woo has dedicated his life in Canada to building a stronger British Columbia and these unfounded and scurrilous attacks need to be rejected.”

Yap was reacting to prominent British Columbia NDPer Nathan Cullen’s comments on the appointment of Mr. Woo to the Senate by the Prime Minister.

Cullen, a senior New Democrat in British Columbia, said the following in recent comments to the Vancouver Sun: “This would make sense if it was the Chinese government that appointed him to the Canadian Senate, because he’s certainly very focused on looking out for Chinese interests. I’m looking out for British Columbia and Canadian interests, and I don’t understand this prime minister’s obsession with China’s priorities to the detriment of our own.”

Born in Malaysia, Mr. Woo has been head of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and HQ Vancouver, which have worked to develop closer economic ties and create jobs and investment in British Columbia and Canada.

“This is not a partisan issue, this is a respect issue,” says Yap. “As leader of the BC NDP, it’s vital that John Horgan repudiate his colleague’s comments. Someone’s heritage should not be the basis on how we judge them, it should be on what they’ve accomplished and by that measure we can be proud that Mr. Woo has called British Columbia home.”