Exposed: NDP MLA Admits NDP BCUC Plan for Site C is a Sham

Exposed: NDP MLA Admits NDP BCUC Plan for Site C is a Sham

Does John Horgan agree with his Site C expert that the project would not pass BCUC?

Victoria, B.C. (March 15, 2017): John Horgan has taken many positions on Site C. His most recent position is that the independent BCUC will make a decision on the project. Or is that his position? His Site C expert, Lana Popham, has a different view.

In a January “Poets for the Peace” event, Horgan’s Site C expert Lana Popham outlined her plan. In no uncertain terms, NDP MLA Popham made clear that if the NDP had their way, they would stop Site C. In her comments, Popham said, “we would send this to the BCUC immediately, we would speed up the BCUC process, make it sixty days, and we would have that decision. There is no way that this project would pass.”  Popham goes on to say “in my view, we’re nine seats away from being able to stop Site C.”

Work on the Site C Clean Energy Project already provides 2,000 quality jobs, the vast majority of which have gone to British Columbians. Shutting down the project would eliminate those jobs. When complete, the Site C Clean Energy Project will provide British Columbians with clean, renewable energy for the next hundred years.

“These latest comments from the NDP reveal that this is the same ideological anti-jobs NDP of yester-year, still saying ‘no’ to any project that creates jobs in British Columbia,” said BC Liberal MLA Bill Bennett. “John Horgan needs to clearly state if he agrees with his senior Caucus colleague Lana Popham, that an NDP government would order the BCUC to review this $8.775 billion project in a mere 60 days effectively killing the project.”