Best Wishes to our Friends in the NDP on Their Special Day, #NationalWaffleDay


August 24, 2016

Best Wishes to our Friends in the NDP on Their Special Day: #NationalWaffleDay

Today, New Democrats from across British Columbia will celebrate their most important day of the year,#NationalWaffleDay. While waffling has always been near and dear to the hearts of the BC NDP, this day is particularly special today.

Topping the BC NDP’s menu of waffles is the Leap waffle. This BC NDP waffle is served up daily as they waffle between pretending to support resource workers in British Columbia, and their opposition to job creating projects like Site C and LNG.  Named in honour of the NDP Leap Manifesto, this waffle is reportedly served at every BC NDP Caucus meeting where it gets “mixed” reviews.

Another favourite waffle from the BC NDP is the carbon tax. The BC NDP first opposed the carbon tax in 2009, then waffled and supported it during the 2011 election.  While the BC NDP is hoping to wait until after the next election to serve this waffle up to British Columbians, doing so is only going to further cement themselves as the patrons of #NationalWaffleDay.

No BC NDP #NationalWaffleDay is complete without a waffle on who is picking up the cheque. After claiming to want to get big money out of politics, NDP Leader John Horgan famously waffled and said “If I have someone who wants [to] sit down and talk to me and they want to give me $50,000, I’ll take that”.  This particular waffle comes with a heaping topping of hypocrisy.

“Whether it is waffling on whether they will support resource workers in British Columbia, waffling on the carbon tax, or waffling on political donations, the BC NDP has a strong record of waffling,” said MLA John Martin. “On behalf of all of us in the BC Liberal Caucus we want to wish a happy #NationalWaffleDay to our friends in the NDP on their special day.”


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